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About Textcheck Inc.
Established in 1994, Textcheck was the first editing service on the Internet, offering English language support to academics worldwide. Researchers and scientists in Japan immediately took advantage of the Textcheck service. Over the years, our reputation for fast, effective, and personalized service has grown. Now professional scholars across Asia, Europe, and the Americas regularly use the Textcheck advantage to ensure that their documents are journal-ready.

Textcheck has been the key to successful publication for thousands of scientists, researchers and scholars in the international academic community. Textcheck has a long record of success; our clients regularly publish their research in all of the leading journals, including Nature, The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, and the major international journals in all academic fields.

Textcheck is a fast, confidential, and effective editing service for any document written in English. See Our Service for more details.

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