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Our Service
Textcheck provides reliable, high-quality editing by a specialist in your field (we currently have over 100 specialist editors available). We emphasize the need for the highest possible standards in academic integrity and confidentiality.

Documents are always checked by at least two editors - first by a specialist in your field and then by a general language editor (English specialist). This double check ensures both consistency and high quality.
  • First edit
    A specialist in your academic field edits your document to ensure that it accurately conveys your meaning in clear and correct English. All of our academic specialists are native speakers of English and qualified at the masters, doctoral and/or post-doctoral level. Experts in their fields, our academic specialist editors are conversant with both the terminology and the latest advances in their discipline.

  • Second edit
    An English language specialist checks the work of the first editor and adds the final polish to the document. All our language specialists are experienced editors and native speakers of English who hold post-graduate degrees from internationally recognized universities. All are experienced in providing journal-ready revision.
The editors continue to be available for consultation regarding subsequent revisions on request.

We have a standard rate for all clients. Payment is not usually required until your document has been completed to your satisfaction.

Textcheck editors are:
  • Highly qualified in your field
  • English native speakers
  • Experienced in providing journal-ready revision
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